Friday, May 13, 2011

There Once Was a Pirate

     My husband has turned into a pirate. No, really. He already had the long hair, the beard and the earring, so essentially all that was needed was an eye patch. Luckily, he just got one of those. Okay, but seriously, Halloween has not come early to our household; my husband jacked up his eye. Again. You'll remember our earlier ocular adventures, which I chronicled in March's entries. It's that same eye again, just with a different, slightly more disgusting issue. I'm sure you're probably asking yourself what could possibly be more disgusting that someone literally bleeding from his eyeball and the answer to that is someone whose 10-year-old ocular incision opened up a tiny bit and allowed all the fluid within the eyeball to be accidentally squished out while he slept. Say it with me now - EWWWWWWW!

     My husband woke up Wednesday with an intense pain in his right eye and noticed that he was now seeing red spots. Never a good sign, but like I've said before, when you're dealing with something like Marfan's Syndrome and have grown accustomed to never quite feeling one hundred percent, you don't rush to the hospital for every little thing. He and I both figured that an immediate call to the doctor's office wasn't necessarily warranted, so my husband instead decided to wait a day and see what happened. If the pain increased or if he started experiencing a loss of vision altogether, then he'd call the doctor. It's a game he's quite used to playing.

     Then day's end rolled around and while it hadn't gotten worse, his eye hadn't gotten any better either. I looked at it and it was reddish and irritated, but I'd seen worse. It didn't look nearly as bad as it does when he blows a blood vessel in his eye and I told him so. He went to bed that evening still in pain and when he woke up on Thursday, it was just as bad. He finally called the doctor and told them what was going on and was given instructions to get his ass to the office immediately if not sooner.

     He first saw his regular eye doctor, who took a look and said it appeared that there was a tiny hole in the old incision, which apparently is common enough. According to the doctor, eyes don't heal the same way skin does and therefore any incisions that are made into the eyeball itself are prone to opening back up, just the tiniest bit. Most times, these holes close themselves and no harm done, but of course it couldn't be that simple for my husband. He was sent to a second doctor, a specialist, who confirmed that there was indeed a hole and the source of all the pain was the fact that there wasn't really any fluid left in the eyeball because my husband had inadvertently SQUISHED IT OUT WHILE HE SLEPT!!! (Sorry, I'm not easily squicked out, but that one required caps lock.)

     The doctor figured my husband must have pushed his face into the pillow as he slept and it was just the right angle at just the right amount of pressure to cause the fluid to be pushed out. That's why he was in so much pain, because the pressure in his eye was so low they couldn't even get a reading. The doctor commented that she was surprised that my husband had waited so long to come in, but if you know the situation, you know why he waited. It's just the way it is around here. Oh, and the other loveliness that comes with a leaky eye? You're very susceptible to infections within the eyeball (he had one on the outside, but it hadn't migrated by the time the doctor looked at him). Combine that with Coumadin use and you're setting yourself up for a retinal bleed, which usually leads to irreparable damage and loss of vision. Son of a ...

     So for the time being, I have a pirate for a husband, complete with eye patch. He's enjoying said eye patch entirely too much, I think, as he's already spent a significant portion of his workday replacing his normal vocabulary with, "Yar, matey!" and the like. The pain has lessened greatly, what with the cream that he applies six times a day and the eye drops that he adds every two hours and the painkillers he's on, so that's good. Really, this is just something minor in the Adventures with Marfan's Syndrome and it could've been much worse. I'm glad he did see the doctor when he did, so we don't have to add partial blindness to the list of ailments. There's enough going on with his health already that we really don't need to bring anything else to the table just yet.


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